Let the Christmas baking commence!

Now that it’s time to open advent calendars I figured it’s okay to start baking Christmas treats, so made some German gingerbread style Lebkuchen.

They are pretty quick & easy to make & I decorated mine with chocolate…



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Banana loaf

I had a couple of bananas that were getting old so I thought what better than to make a banana loaf!

Regular readers will know I’m a fan of the Hummingbird Bakery’s recipe book so I followed their recipe and I hope it’s turned out well. As I often get told off at work if I don’t make something with chcolate in, I added dark chocolate chunks to this!



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Delicious chocolate chip cookies!

I’m always searching for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe that makes tasty, chewy cookies without them seeming underdone. I think this one that I found on another blog comes pretty close!


I made some with smarties in, and some with a mix of white and dark chocolate chips.

I took some to my sister’s to have with a cup of tea; they disappeared pretty quickly!



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Ginger crunch

This bake was a request from my friend Clare; and doubles as a celebration for the NZ rugby win over the weekend.

Here’s the recipe from her mum’s blog, if you want to give it a go – it tastes delicious!!



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Baileys Irish cream brownies

I had a request for Baileys brownies so knocked some up quickly tonight – they smell amazing!!


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Millionaire shortbread – a new recipe

This is one of the things that I bake that gets the most requests!

But I always have issues with the caramel being too soft, so I decided to use a new recipe. This one has a higher butter to sugar recipe & that seems to have done the trick. Though it did have about 50% less chocolate; so I added a lot more!

Here’s the recipe:  

And the finished article:  

Packaged up ready to take to work:


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Gerhard’s Masterclass, Konditor & Cook

so on Friday I had a very exciting day experiencing a whole day full of cake! I went to the Konditor and Cook masterclass run by its founder, Gerhard Jenne. There was a small class of 4 and we experienced a 4D introduction to the history of the company, complete with our own tasters:

We then used marzipan to make roses and animals, followed by a trip to the local shop to choose our lunch and see,inside the kitchen. We also brought back a,,selection of cakes for dessert! The Strawberry Heaven was amazing; like a mix of Eton Mess in a slice.

After lunch we were taught how,to make our own piping bags and decorated some biscuits:

We also sampled the  cake that they are putting on the menu for Christmas.

We then got to decorate a curly whirly cake using the techniques we’d learnt.

I used a spiral theme for mine. I had to rope my sister and her boyfriend into meeting me for a picnic in the park afterwards to eat up some of the supplies. Plus, I still have half a cake to take into work tomorrow…. 

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