Pimms cupcakes

As it’s nearing the end of summer (or so it seems by the weather anyway) I thought I should make some of these pimms cupcakes before it’s too late.

We’re having a sweepstake at work on the Great Britiish Bake-off and as my contestant went out last week 😞 it means I have to bake for everyone at work.

Alcoholic cupcakes always go down well & Lakeland had a good recipe. I adapted the icing recipe and made half of the icing strawberry flavoured (by heating strawberries and sugar until softened, pushing them through a sieve and then adding to the buttercream once the mixture was cold). I then used a special duo colour icing kit, sold by Lakeland http://www.lakeland.co.uk/16656/Lakeland-Duo-Colour-Icing-Kit to pipe in 2 colours. I’ll finish them off with a slice of strawberry and some mint.

Here’s the recipe if you want to give them a go:


Can’t wait for Pimms o’clock!!


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