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Pimms cupcakes

As it’s nearing the end of summer (or so it seems by the weather anyway) I thought I should make some of these pimms cupcakes before it’s too late. We’re having a sweepstake at work on the Great Britiish Bake-off … Continue reading

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Smarties cookies

I was going to make some summer berry cookies, however there were no summer berries in the shop 😔 So you’ll have to make do with smarties instead! Here’s Rachel Allen’s recipe: Click to access Bake_a_Smile_Celebrity_Receipes.pdf And the cookies;    … Continue reading

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Spinach roulade with cream cheese and pepper

I fancied making something summery and healthy for dinner so opted for a spinach roulade. My Dad often makes one with cottage cheese in the middle, though this one has cream cheese. Here’s the recipe if you fancy giving it … Continue reading

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