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Banana and cinnamon muffins

Here are some yummy muffins from the Hummingbird bakery cookbook. Ready for our HR team meeting tomorrow, they have already been given the seal of approval by my housemates!

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Karen’s Birthday Bailey’s cupcakes

I made these special Baileys cupcakes for my sister’s birthday afternoon tea

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White Chocolate Cranberry Muffins

These are a quick, easy recipe – I had some dried cranberries to use up so searched for a recipe online: (it made 16 muffins, rather than the 12 stated) The results were pretty good and went down well … Continue reading

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Lemon cupcakes

Emma at work loves lemon, so I hoped these would go down well – they did! These are from the Hummingbird bakery cookbook; I always find that their recipes come out really well. I added lemon extraxt to the cake … Continue reading

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Marie’s Easter cake

This isn’t actually one of my cakes but it’s an Easter cake that my friend Marie made for when I went to stay with her at Easter; expertly decorated by her daughters Sienna & Erin!

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Easter ‘nest’ cakes

These cakes were pretty deluxe! My housemate Rekha had some leftover Mascarpone cheese, so I searched for a recipe to use it in. I made the mascarpone muffins and covered them with the chocolate ganache. As it was around Easter … Continue reading

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Banana loaf (no sugar)

I made this banana loaf for a family tea on May Day Bank Holiday. It has no sugar in it as the sweetness comes from the bananas. Unfortunately although the cake rose nicely, it developed a dip (more like a … Continue reading

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Dan’s extra special chocolate Birthday cake

I found this delicious recipe online whilst searching for a special recipe for my housemate’s birthday. It’s a rich, moist cake with a layer of apricot on top, coated with chocolate icing – similar to a jaffa cake. Mmm…. It … Continue reading

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